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The Bejoynd Internship Experience

Dive into the world of Bejoynd through the eyes of our intern. In this article, we share the journey, challenges, and growth experienced during their time with us. Join us as we explore the impact of our internship program on shaping future talents in the iGaming industry.

My Internship Experience at Bejoynd

My name is Anton Nilsson, a 29-year-old from Sweden. I began my journey into programming in February 2023, although computers have been a hobby of mine since childhood. Before diving into the world of coding, I worked on an assembly line at a factory manufacturing geothermal heat pumps.

I first heard of Bejoynd through a friend who works there, and I was immediately drawn to the vibe of the place when I visited. The fact that it’s a smaller company and conveniently located near the bus station were additional bonuses that motivated me to join Bejoynd for my internship.

Learning and Challenges

Working at Bejoynd has been a pleasure, and I genuinely hope to work with the team again in the future. My initial expectations were to learn about working in an office environment and to improve my coding skills. I'm happy to report that both of these expectations have been met. One of the highlights of my internship was the integration of an e-mail template editor that would go on to be implemented into the existing system, which was the result of my first assignment. It made me feel that I had genuinely contributed to something meaningful, and that made me happy. Of course, the colleagues at Bejoynd also played a significant role in making this internship a memorable experience; their support has been fantastic.

During my internship, I faced several challenges, particularly with the e-mail template editors I worked on for my first assignment. At the start, I felt that the assignment given to me was beyond my abilities. However, it turned out to be just the right amount of challenge. I approached these challenges by ensuring I was well-rested and continuously trying new solutions. The support from both the team and the company has been exceptional. Whenever I faced challenges or needed assistance, the team responded by suggesting what to try next, and every problem was solved this way. I have not experienced any issues with communication or support systems, and there haven't been any incidents that warranted intervention.

During my time at Bejoynd, I gained valuable knowledge about working in an agile environment and the associated tools. My skills in SASS have definitely improved during this period. The internship has provided me with significant insight into what is important when working on projects and what personal improvements I need to make.

Feedback and Insights

Having deadlines to meet would give, not only incitament to push yourself, but also to get a sense of the level of performance. In contrast, for an internship set to fit all skill levels having loose deadlines help alleviate pressure.

The most rewarding aspect of my internship has been not only learning but also feeling that I have contributed to the projects. One specific thing that stood out to me about the company culture was the collection of board games – fantastic! Additionally, everyone at Bejoynd has been incredibly nice and accommodating.

Final Thoughts

Looking into the future, this internship has inspired me to broaden my horizons and learn more about programming. I would definitely recommend Bejoynd as a place for an internship, and even more so, I would like to return and work with the company again.

My time at Bejoynd has been an invaluable learning experience, and I am grateful for the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally in such a supportive and dynamic environment.


Anton Nilsson


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