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The Bejoynd Care concept is developed to secure an efficient and structured onboarding and to establish a strong trustworthy operational process with our clients. The main objectives is to make it easy and simple for our clients and for you to feel safe and well taken care of.

Throughout our many years of experience we have developed a structured process of on-boarding and managing successful operations with our clients. Our focus is to build trust and allow you to realize your full potential in using our platform, technologies and services.



The Bejoynd Care team have a long successful history of on-boarding new clients.

First impressions are important, and we have finetuned our on-boarding process to safeguard that deadlines are met with the necessary progress, diligence and quality. No client is the same, and regardless of your experience, organizational setup, resources or strategy we are certain that we can launch your brand into your market and help generate value for your customers.

By using our structured on-boarding process and methodology we can secure to meet your requirements in a secure and safe manner, always keeping your organization on top and respecting our mutual deadlines and objectives.

These are the key steps of our On-boarding process:

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Outline client requirements and needs.

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Develop a full project plan with timeline

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Stage environment is fully functional

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Education and training

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Full functionality test on stage

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Client final Sign-off staging

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Test on Production environment

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Compliance and certification approved

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Sign-off and Go-Live

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New releases, deployments and training.

Bejoynd On-boarding

Training & Education Process

Bejoynd has a wide range of training material that we will use to carefully onboard your team and safeguard that you know our technology, functionality and features.

We offer the following training & education tools to upgrade your knowledge base:

API documentation

All important integrations comes with full API documentation.

User manuals

All functionality is well documented in our manuals.

E-learning & Tutorials

You will get access to our e-learning tool when training starts. This will quickly bring you and the team into full operation.

Document sharing

Bejoynd will setup a special document sharing environment for your organisation.

Face-2-face training

Upon request Bejoynd will provide on-site training and education at your location.

Daily Operation Management

Delivering stability and high uptime is the main objective, but we also have a strong focus on incremental improvements and development so you can grow in performance and customer satisfaction. 

You will have a dedicated Account Manager and a highly responsive Customer Care team standing ready to assist you on a daily basis.

Some of the Bejoynd Care benefits will be:

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24hr access to our Help Desk portal.

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Alert system on P1 and P2 incidents.

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Daily review of incidents raised via Help Desk.

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Weekly, bi-weekly and/or monthly client meetings.

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Dedicated documentation setup.

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Instant communication via Microsoft Teams, Skype or other media.

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Continuous training and education.

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New release documentation.

Daily Operation Management

Reporting & Documentation

The objective is to keep you informed and up to date with the latest information and to secure full clarity and transparency of our joint operation.

Bejoynd will deliver the following reports and documentation:

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Partnerships reports

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New release documentation

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Maintenance reports

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Incident reports

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Legal updates

Bejoynd Reporting & Documentation

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