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Sophisticated bonus & promotion engine for comprehensive player engagement!

There are two reasons to use promotions, capture potential players attention to get them to sign up and to retain these players and give them incitement to continue playing. We give you a full toolbox of promotional features to make your brand stick out from the masses. We provide all the expected gamification tools that one would use in today’s market but with a twist.

All our promotional tools can be used across all providers and can target specific target groups.


Multiple Bonus Types

Our bonus engine is a core asset in the platform that effortlessly enables the configuration of a diverse range of bonuses tailored to your specific target audience. Unlock a world of thrilling bonuses and promotions designed to enhance player retention and engagement, providing an unparalleled gaming experience.

BE Multiple Bonus Types

Sign-up bonus

Optimize your conversion rate smoothly with our user-friendly sign-up bonus setup. Easily configure conditions and qualifications to manage risk while rewarding players with bonus money, free spins and bets.

Deposit bonus

Link deposit bonuses seamlessly to your sign-up bonus or use as stand-alone promotions. Safeguard player deposits, enhance lifetime value, and customize bonus types with ease.

Free-spin & Free-bet bonus

Configure free-spins for one or more slot machines, setting parameters like number, bet value, qualification criteria, and withdrawal conditions. Free-bets can be tailored for specific events/leagues or used on any bet, serving as a versatile tool for player engagement.

Wagering bonus

Communicate effectively with players using the straightforward Wagering Bonus. Customize bonus types based on player segments, such as "Spend X, get Y" or "Get €5 for every €1,000 wagered."

Multiplier bonus

Engage players with Multiplier Bonus, linking diverse bonuses to surprise players with captivating promotions. Tailor your bonus program to specific player segments and behaviors, differentiating your brand in the market. Enjoy benefits such as increased player satisfaction, enhanced customer engagement, cross-selling opportunities and more.


BE Promote features an integrated achievement tool that empowers your product or marketing team to craft engaging missions for players. Whether used as a straightforward promotion or elevated into a sophisticated loyalty program, this tool offers flexibility.

The possibilities are abundant, and your creativity sets the only limit. Player rewards can take the form of bonuses, badges, trophies, or a combination thereof.

Key features:

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Reward player for Sign-in to his/her account, several days in a row

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Reward when a player makes a deposit

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Reward a player for playing a specific game

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Reward players with bonus, free games or a real-life prize.

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Display achievement progress for the players on the gaming portal.

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Send E-mail or web site message when an achievement is fulfilled.

Easy set-up

Customize achievements for specific player segments, emphasizing cross-selling or deposits.
Bejoynd promote achievements


Improve your online casino journey with our innovative gamification features. Experience the transformative ability to subtly influence and shape customer behavior by easy incorporating third-party solutions, creating a fully personalized gamification experience. Engage players and inspire repeated interactions to cultivate lasting loyalty.

Third-party integration

Enjoy the benefits of a fully customizable gamification solution by integrating third-party tools seamlessly.

Player engagement

Motivate players through gamification, encouraging them to participate in repeated interactions, enhancing overall engagement.

Flexible front-end design

Unleash your creativity with full flexibility in front-end design, allowing you to craft unique and enticing gamification rewards.
Bejoynd Gamification


Immerse your online casino in a world of excitement with our flexible tournament features. BE Promote offers the freedom to create a variety of tournaments, spanning both the Casino and Sports sections. 

This flexibility allows you to tailor engagement strategies to meet the unique needs of your players.

Diverse engagement options

With our Tournament feature its easy for you to adapt and tailor your strategies to meet the varied needs of your players, providing a dynamic and personalized gaming experience.

Retaining players

Create dynamic, engaging, and exciting tournaments that not only attract but also retain players, ensuring a vibrant gaming community.

Integrated casino vendor solutions

Seamlessly integrate tournament solutions from top casino providers to boost the gaming experience.

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