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Okay, let's talk about specifications.

The Bejoynd iGaming Platform is a smart, secure and stable solution for operators wanting to guarantee a quality gaming environment to players.

In addition of being a standalone iGaming platform we have the unique ability to fit in alongside existing platforms allowing us to have superior flexibility and seamless integration.

Player account managment

The core of any iGaming business is the players. With our player account management system, you get a detailed overview of anything you need to know as well as all the tools needed to manage them. You have access to everything from their transaction and game history to their individual player protection limits. With our built-in support ticket system, it has never been easier to be on top of your customer support.

  • Player information
  • Real- and bonus account balances
  • Risk- and Player level.
  • Player protection
  • Lock management
  • Game history
  • Payment history
  • Player support issues
  • Bonus management
  • Player activity


By utilizing our fine-grained player segmentation in combination with the easy-to-use email editor you can create the perfect marketing email and make sure it reaches the optimal players at the right time.

With built in dynamic content you can easily create personalized emails for thousands of players at the same time.

Keep track of your marketing campaigns with detailed statistics about click, bounce and open rates.

Set up trigger events to automatically send out emails to your players as soon as they meet the criteria for the event.

  • Drag-and-Drop email editor
  • Dynamic content for that personalized feel
  • Automatic trigger events
  • Marketing campaign statistics

Third-Party Integrations

In order for us to be the best, we have to work with the best. We are integrated with the all the top gaming providers that you could ever wish for, with just the flip of a switch we are ready to give you access to a huge library of games.

But we are not just integrated to game providers, we have a suite of other integrations such as payments, affiliates and compliance services.

With our flexibility we can easily integrate any kind of third-party provider into our iGaming platform in any way shape or form.

  • Top game providers already integrated
  • Flexibility to add any kind of third-party integration
  • Smooth integrations resulting in functionality only we can provide

Responsible Gaming

With an AI-based player protection tool you will be one step ahead and can prevent potentially problematic behaviour before it becomes an issue.

Take advantage of our built-in fraud level system to be one step ahead of any money laundering or suspicious behavior. Add multiple types of player protection, locks and self-exclusion to have one of the most responsible gambling sites out there.

  • Extensive player protection limits
  • Self-exclusion and locks
  • Advanced AI powered risk-detection
  • Automatically assigned fraud levels

Promotional features

There are two reasons to use promotions, capture potential players attention to get them to sign up and to retain these players and give them incitement to continue playing. We give you a full toolbox of promotional features to make your brand stick out from the masses. We provide all the expected gamification tools that one would use in today’s market but with a twist.

All our promotional tools can be used across all providers and can target specific target groups. Offer cashbacks to your regulars to keep them coming back, set up a full suite of achievements for the completionists and invite the players with a winner’s mentality to compete against each other in a tournament.

  • Bonus
    • Fixed
    • Deposit
    • Cash Ladder
  • Achievements
  • Tournaments
  • Personal Jackpot
  • Free spins
  • Cashback

Player support

Once you have attracted your players with your precise marketing of our extensive promotional features it’s time to take care of them.

While using our iGaming platform you won’t have to have your support personnel work in multiple systems, your support channels can be directly connected to our Backoffice.

With incoming support mail connected automatically to the player profile, life has never been easier. When going over a support ticket all information you will ever need is available one click away in the player profile, game and payment history, balances, player protection and a detailed audit trace containing everything the player has done.

  • Backoffice mail connectivity
  • Keep internal notes on your players
  • All information you will ever need for premium support
  • Individual audit trace per player


Sorry I stopped you scrolling half-way. As a product manager at Bejoynd I would love to hear from you in case you have specific questions regarding features. 

Fredrik Hall
profile picture 2 fredrik hall


Sorry I stopped you scrolling half-way. As a product manager at Bejoynd I would love to hear from you in case you have specific questions regarding features. 

Fredrik Hall

User Management

We grow when you grow, and when you grow your needs increase, and your team will become larger and harder to manage.

This is something we are fully prepared for, and our platform makes it easy to handle your employees in a smooth way.

The users can have individual limits on what payments they can create and approve, and then each user will have one or multiple roles assigned.

The roles decide exactly what they should have access to in the Backoffice, this makes sure that you never have to worry about someone accessing something they shouldn’t.

  • Role based permissions
  • Individual User Limits
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Full Audit traces on User activity

Reporting and Dashboards

If we’re the heartbeat of your casino we must provide you with an EKG, a feel for the pulse. This is where our reporting and dashboard tools come into play.

For a quick overview of your business we have the dashboards that show the daily numbers and statistics, everything from logins to transactions.

For your more advanced data needs we provide more in-depth reporting, both built in to the Backoffice but also as bespoke custom reports that can be delivered straight to where you need them.

Filter all your reports on player groups and campaigns to find exactly what you’re looking for.

  • Detailed reports
  • Flexible Dashboards
  • Scheduled custom reports
  • Fine-grained level of reporting

Player segmentation

All the previously mentioned functionality is amazing and part of what makes our platform great. But at the heart of it all the player segmentation enables you to use all the other tools we provide.

With dynamic player groups that add and remove players as conditions change you can make sure you are always targeting the players you want with the tools of your choice.

The player groups are used in every aspect of the product, from reporting to setting up any kind of gamification.

  • Always target the perfect audience
  • Dig down into your data and get to know your customers
  • Get a previously unreachable level of market knowledge
  • Combine previously unknown criteria to find the special unicorn segments

Licensing and Compliance

With our long experience of compliance in some of the most restrictive markets in Europe we are confident that we can handle them all.

We comply with guidelines given by many regulated jurisdictions, and our system has been tested by 3rd party accredited testing laboratories. Additionally, we are fully GDPR compliant and already operate in regulated European markets.

  • Active in regulated European markets
  • Fully GDPR Compliant
  • Easily adaptable into new markets
  • Long experience with regulatory bodies

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