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INDUSTRY | 2024.05.24

Be Inspired - Mastering Customer Partnership

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In our second article, we explore how to cultivate successful partnerships by working with your customers, not just for them—a journey filled with challenges, innovations, and insights.



In the fast-paced and competitive iGaming industry, the role of an account manager is both crucial and challenging. The success of our platform hinges not just on the technology it offers, but also on the relationships and trust we foster with our clients. This article delves into the art and science of account management, highlighting why building strong partnerships is essential and how it can be a demanding yet rewarding task. By understanding and addressing the unique needs of the iGaming business, account managers can drive mutual success and elevate their company's platform to new heights.

Bridging Cultures and Goals

As a Mexican living in Sweden, I often find myself bridging two distinct cultures. This experience is quite similar to my role as an Account Manager, where I serve as the crucial link between our company and our clients, always striving for mutual best interests.

In the iGaming industry, being an account manager means more than just managing accounts – it's about fostering partnerships that drive success for both our platform and the online casinos we serve. Here’s how to excel in this dynamic role:

Understand Their World

Becoming intimately familiar with the iGaming landscape is essential. Understanding the regulations, trends, player preferences, and unique challenges your clients face. This knowledge positions you as a valuable advisor.

Be an expert on your platform's features and benefits, and how they address the specific needs of your customers. This allows you to provide precise, relevant solutions and to confidently address any questions or challenges that may arise, reinforcing your credibility and value as a trusted partner.

Build Strong Relationships

Regular check-ins aren’t enough. Anticipate client needs, provide updates, and offer solutions before they even ask. This approach demonstrates your commitment to their success and builds trust, showing clients that you are always thinking ahead on their behalf and are fully invested in their goals.

Pay close attention to your clients' concerns, goals, and feedback. By truly understanding their perspectives and needs, you ensure that your efforts are perfectly aligned with their priorities. This not only fosters a stronger relationship but also helps you provide more tailored and effective solutions.

Each customer is unique. Tailor your communication style and solutions to their specific brand, target audience, and business objectives. This customization demonstrates your dedication to understanding their individual needs and helps build a stronger, more impactful partnership that drives their success.

Deliver Exceptional Support

Address inquiries and issues promptly. Swift resolution is crucial because downtime can be costly for online casinos, leading to potential revenue loss and decreased player satisfaction. By responding quickly, you help maintain operational efficiency and strengthen your reputation as a reliable partner.

Don’t just meet expectations – exceed them. Offer proactive recommendations, share industry insights, and connect clients with resources that can help their business grow.

Be their voice within your company. Champion their needs by actively communicating their feedback and concerns to the product team. Ensure their issues are addressed and their suggestions are considered in future developments. This advocacy helps align your company's offerings with client expectations, fostering trust and demonstrating your commitment to their success.

Focus on Results

Work with each client to establish measurable objectives. Whether it’s increasing player engagement, boosting revenue, or launching a new game, having shared targets keeps everyone focused.

Use your platform’s analytics tools to monitor performance. Regularly share reports with your clients, highlighting successes and identifying areas for improvement.

Acknowledge and celebrate milestones and achievements together with your clients. Whether it's reaching a significant sales target, launching a successful campaign, or completing a major project, take the time to recognize these accomplishments. Celebrating these wins reinforces the collaborative spirit, boosts morale, and strengthens the partnership by showing your clients that you are genuinely invested in their success and value the progress you make together.

Navigate Challenges

Disagreements are inevitable. Approach them with a calm and professional demeanor, focusing on finding mutually beneficial solutions. These solutions are crucial for maintaining long-term relationships and ensuring that both parties feel valued and understood.

The iGaming industry is fast-paced. Be prepared to adjust strategies, embrace new technologies, and keep your clients informed of any changes that might impact their business.


Final Thoughts

As an account manager in the online casino space, you’re not just a point of contact – you’re a strategic partner. By understanding your clients, building strong relationships, and focusing on results, you’ll drive their success and, in turn, the growth of your company’s platform. At Bejoynd, we work with our customers, not just for them, maintaining a relationship of trust and collaboration that benefits everyone involved.

Stefano Alvarado

Account Manager

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